Olive Branch Promethean Users Group Off and Running

Amidst the smell of brewing coffee and muffins provided by Mrs. Allen, the Olive Branch users group met in Mrs. Allen’s palace (AKA as her mobile) tonight and got an overview of Promethean software and effective ways to use their Promethean boards. The energy level was high, the motivation is in the troposphere, and the excitement was like that of getting presents on Christmas morning–honestly! We were honored by Mrs. Laurent’s presence, as well as Mrs. Bright’s, along with Ms. Barham, Diddle, Moulton, Braun, and Barham. Our next meeting will be in November and all are welcome!

Need ideas for Document Cameras?

Promethean document cameraAre you a Promethean user? Schools have been provided with document cameras and the uses are endless! Need some ideas? I found this recently on Classroom 2.0:
~Make every book a big book…shared reading experience
~put a timer underneath the camera for various applications
~capture student work
~conduct science experiements with insects
~students share writing
~word sorting
~math manipulatives
~discussing and displaying homework
~any other piece of “stuff” everyone can use, but can’t gather ’round to see easily
~stick today’s paper underneath it and make annotations
~have student plot graphs using a grid you put on the screen

As for our own ideas, one of our art teachers at OB used a document camera to show light source on a still life so that all students had the same view.

If you have any other ideas, please share!