NECC Cool Stuff #6: Perk Up Your Crowd Before You Present

If you’ve attended a conference before, you know that awful silence that happens before the presenter begins: nobody looks at anybody, the presenter is madly scurrying about seeing if everything is ready, you grab the chair by the aisle and 50 people walk over you (why do we do this when we know more will be coming and need to find a seat?), and you check your email on your laptop. At the “Literacy Isn’t Enough: 21st-Century Fluency for the Digital Age” by Ian Jukes of the InfoSavvy Group in Canada, had funny slides of headline goofs and weird pictures looping while we waited, and they are funny. With jazz music in the background, the PowerPoint kept the crowd entertained and cognitively engaged so that when the presentation began, we were perked and prepared. Check the resources at The Committed Sardine at