Do You Need Some Friends? Do You Feel All Alone?

Teaching, by the nature of our jobs, require emotional support. Moreover, support needs to come from somebody who can EMPATHIZE and not just sympathize. You know what I’m talking about: somebody who has been in the trenches and ‘has your back.’ As you are alone in your classroom, it’s important to have somebody to bounce ideas off of, share your instructional needs, or even more importantly–share your phenomenal ideas and expertise with others.

I would highly suggest that you develop your own Personal Learning Network (AKA PLN). A PLN is a group of colleagues that you gather with over a virtual cup of coffee and discuss your common profession with. Richard Byrne, of Free Technology for Teachers, has a wealth of ideas for you to refer to on how to begin your own. I have my own PLN who I refer to for TRT/ITRT needs and consider them very valuable. Do you need assistance in getting one started? If so, let me know!