Google Tricks: Web Cams

Imagine, while teaching a lesson in Social Studies (Parliament Bldg? Eiffel Tower? Niagra Falls?), being able to access a web cam easily without having to go on a massive Web hunt. Or, have you wondered what web cams are available that you might not have thought of? I found a quick and easy way to do this on Google Maps! In the upper right hand corner, click on the Satellite or Map boxes, and check the Web Cam choice. Little icons of available web cams appear on the map, and if you zoom in closer, more choices appear. What fun!

NECC tip #11: Google Web Search Lesson Plans & Teacher Community

Google announces a site for lesson plans for how to teach web searches using Google at Module 1: Understanding search engines; Module 2: Web search techniques and strategies, and Module 3: Google web search features.

Other areas of interest: Classroom Posters, Tools for Your Classroom, and Classroom Activities.

Were you at NECC 09? Links can be found here (scroll to the bottom) for presentations by Google.