Thank You, NBC, for Renewing “Chuck”!

What a relief to find out that NBC has renewed “Chuck” for Season 3! I’m not a huge fan of TV watching (my other favorite is “Amazing Race” on CBS), but this is one of the few shows that I watch faithfully. NPR has some great write-ups:

Does Bringing Back Chuck …

Jumping on the Chuck Bandwagon

And, just a little bit of ego boosting to the chagrin of my wife: I have an 8×10 of Zachary Levi on my office wall (see picture above) and I often love to share with my wife the number of people who say when they see him on my wall, “Is that you?” Hee hee hee!

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Are TRTs/IT Guys Now Cool?

Zachary Levi as "Chuck" (copyright NBC) Say the word “geek” and you probably have visions of nasal sounding, thick glasses, high water pants, and other sundry things that would cause women to go running the direction opposite of the approaching I.T./computer guy. Ask a person if they’d rather hang out with a geek or get a root canal, and one would envision them diving into the dentist’s chair, strapping themselves in and gladly volunteering to open their mouths for the impending pain. Given a personality test, geeks often fail. Ah, but thanks to NBC, and Zachary Levi, I.T. guys now have been elevated to status of cool dudes, snazzy dressers, and ones that actually can form thoughts outside the computer world. Have you seen it? It’s on Monday nights at 8:00 on Channel 10 (Norfolk) and is worthy of watching–it won’t insult your intelligence. When I first saw the commercial for the show (Wow! Did he copy my style of clothing or what!), I panicked, for Hollywood rarely has shows on for long that I like and find humorous. Hmmm…I wonder if I could ever meet the show’s star? Stop by my office sometime and let’s do lunch!

I watched “Chuck” last night on NBC

Since I had a class last night to teach, I had my younger daughter tape “Chuck” for me and watched it when I got home and totally enjoyed it. As an employee in the IT department, it was fun seeing how Hollywood would portray us. It was enjoyable seeing a “geek” being put in a favorable light. Who said that computer guys can’t be dashing, brave, and adventurous?