NECC Cool Tip #7: Connect with Teachers and Find a Colleague

“Electronic Constructivism: Enhancing Learning with 10 Promising Technologies” by Maureen Yoder of Lesley University in Massachusetts, presented a wealth of resources (Wikis, Podcasting, etc.), and one resource that caught my attention was TeacherLingo, an online community for teachers of all subjects and expertise from all over the world. Comprised of Lessons, Messages Boards, and the like, one section in particular I liked was the Blogs tab. This allows you to search for blogs that are in the area of your profession (i.e. elementary, college, ESL, substitute teachers, and MANY more). Feel alone? Link with a colleage to share ideas!

Technology Links for Resources Highlight: M. Needleman

I’ve decided to go back and read blogs that I haven’t read for a long time, and Mathew Needleman from Los Angeles has some great reading and links:

Do you have projects coming in the future that you need pictures or clip art for?
Creating Lifelong Learners has an excellent post for these that are worth your exploration.

Mathew is a guru of video production, and here’s a link for a carnival: Go

Thanks, Mathew!

A Prime Example of a Powerful Presentation–Avoiding Powerpoint Poisoning

VSTE logoWhile my mind and brain are at a holding pattern at 20 years of age, the lower part of my body is going on with life anyway, dealing with the reality of 49 years of life.

My brain thinks, “Yo, dude, we’re 20!” and my lower extremities think, “Yeah, right.”

I tend to ignore pain, and recently, while helping host a couple from France at the Archives and Collections at Colonial Williamsburg, I was having a “Wow!” moment seeing behind the scenes, not realizing that the searing pain in my knee was trying to send a signal to the brain (“Yo! I’m 20!”) that something was wrong. To get to the point of this diatribe, I was told by my doctor that I have arthritis in my knee (Knee to brain: “We’re in trouble down here! Note how swelled up I am!”) (brain to knee: “Shut up! I’m having too much fun! I’m 20!”).

So, the most comfortable spot to stop pain was, I found, to lean sideways on the office chair at home, prop my left knee on the third desk drawer that’s propped slightly open, being careful not to hit the drawer pull, and prop my right knee against the computer desk. Turn the chair sideways enough to face the monitor, and, voila, the pain disappears!

I spent my time exploring Classroom 2.0 looking for groups that might give me some pointers for my VSTE presentation in Roanoke in February (reaction: stomach tension, knees knocking, and subsequent pain), I came across [trumpet fanfare, please, complete with pipe organ] an eye-popping, head shaking, WOW, blog for how to present well, thanks to Nancy on one of our recent conversations regarding Movie Maker.

Please check it out! Your time will be well spent, and if you’re a presenter, it’ll make a difference!

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? and the posting: Presenting about presenting by Scott Elias

Yes, You Can Blog with Class!

Many teachers have been asking me how they can start a blog in their classroom. I.T. will soon be rolling out procedures, rules, and the application process for how you can start one with your students.

In order to have students be able to work in a safe Internet environment, blogs will be supervised through the auspices of the Instructional Technology Department. Until applications are open, here are some of your local teachers who have started blogging with their classrooms:

=>Read, Write, and Blog (Olive Branch)
=>Tyler’s Tomes (John Tyler)
Some Portsmouth Public Schools Summer Camps:
=>Read, Write, and Publish
=> Camp Coral Reef Reflections
=>Get It W.R.I.T.E.
=>Tech Cadet Boot Camp (blogging camp for students during the summer)

Outside Portsmouth:
=>Richard III Literature Blog (this teacher was actually contacted through this blog from an expert in England–way too cool!)
=>Book Review blog
=>Outsiders blog (students create the posts for outsiders to comment)

Portsmouth Instructional Technology Department workshops/seminars

=> Crime Scene Investigations :We also presented at the ISTE (International Society of Technology Education) Conference in Atlanta this past June. This is how we posted information for participants via a blog
This will give you some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Questions? Contact your building TRT for more information.