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“Electronic Constructivism: Enhancing Learning with 10 Promising Technologies” by Maureen Yoder of Lesley University in Massachusetts, presented a wealth of resources (Wikis, Podcasting, etc.), and one resource that caught my attention was TeacherLingo, an online community for teachers of all subjects and expertise from all over the world. Comprised of Lessons, Messages Boards, and the […]

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I’ve decided to go back and read blogs that I haven’t read for a long time, and Mathew Needleman from Los Angeles has some great reading and links: PICTURES/CLIP ART Do you have projects coming in the future that you need pictures or clip art for? Creating Lifelong Learners has an excellent post for these […]

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While my mind and brain are at a holding pattern at 20 years of age, the lower part of my body is going on with life anyway, dealing with the reality of 49 years of life. My brain thinks, “Yo, dude, we’re 20!” and my lower extremities think, “Yeah, right.” I tend to ignore pain, […]

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Yes, You Can Blog with Class!

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Many teachers have been asking me how they can start a blog in their classroom. I.T. will soon be rolling out procedures, rules, and the application process for how you can start one with your students. In order to have students be able to work in a safe Internet environment, blogs will be supervised through […]

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