Tammy Worcester, Technology Specialist, has a New Website

Wow! I’m back!

Tammy WorcesterTammy Wrocester has redesigned her website and has streamlined the look. As she writes on her site:

Tammy Worcester Tang, former classroom teacher, specializes in finding unique and creative, but most of all, effective ways to use technology in the classroom.

Tammy offers some fabulous free resources and ideas here at her website, and is available to come to your school or conference to lead sessions and workshops that are guaranteed to excite your teachers and engage your learners!

Click the picture to access her site, or the hyperlink above.

ISTE Report 1: Portsmouth ITRTs to be Webcast Live on Monday

Denver 019 After a relaxing flight to Denver and a chance to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings, imagine the surprise our department received when our supervisor was told that her presentation was one of five sessions chosen to be webcast live tomorrow at 3:30! She, along with Ruth and Nancy, will be presenting on the 21 Things for Teachers and what was learned from the initiative.

How many of you have used GoogleApps? One application that I learned about today which tweaked my interest was http://www.googlelittrips.org. Our presenter, Lindsay Hopkins, from Discovery Education, presented a sample lesson incorporating Google Earth, Discovery, and Google Lit. She was able to imbed GoogleEarth into a PowerPoint presentation with a story where the participants were able to decipher an appropriate duck habitat from synthesizing information from our story using Google and helped bring the story “alive”. For a link to her presentation to get more detail, go to http://links.discoveryeducation.com/MakeWay (requires a DiscoveryEducation account to access).

EduBlogs Award Nomination

edublogawards2009Since September of 2007 I have had this blog to communicate with my two buildings, and in that two year time, I’ve visited many blogs for ideas and suggestions. One site that I’ve visited often for an idea starter has been Teaching with Technology, a site written by Tina Coffey, an ITRT in the Roanoke area of Virginia. Always helpful and ready to assist anyone in educational technology, Tina deserves a high recognition of an Edublogger Award! I hereby nominate Tina for Best educational tech support blog. So, to be official in how I write this up:

Best Educational Support Blog: Teaching with Technology

Tidbits of Technology Sites

Some recent goldmines:


Timelines: “Timelines” http://www.xtimeline.com/ not only lets you look at timelines for such things as the history of Los Angeles and Steve Jobs, but you can make your own using videos and other sundry items

Prezi is a website for presentations that allows you to “zoom in” on words, important themes, and the like. This is great for helping students/the audience “see” what you want them to without wandering…
[thanks to my illustrious colleague, Don, for pointing the above sites out]

Technology Update News for OB & JT

Mrs. Hawkins, Math Dance Star
Who would have thought? Mrs. Hawkins and Allen are preparing dance steps and choreography for their upcoming music video, “What’s the Point?” for their geometry vocabulary review. Complete with professional music and MTV-style production that the whole family can see and listen to, students will have the opportunity to put their Math knowledge into motion and music. If you happen to think Mrs. H. is preparing for Hollywood, no—it’s for the Standards of Learning!

Mrs. Hawkins and Barrett on Display
Mrs. Hawkins and Barrett have their own “art” show taking place at IRC. Using the concept of motivational posters, students worked on a digital vocabulary project where students looked for Science and Math words that are around us every day. Not only that, but their work was recently shown at a state conference.

Virginia Museum Association Conference Speaking Engagement
In a previous post, I asked how you would share your ideas with museum directors, and the time is here to represent your ideas! I will be out of the building on Monday afternoon on the 23rd to be co presenting at the annual VAM at Founder’s Inn with Colonial Williamsburg, the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation, and the Mariner’s Museum. I’ll be sharing your thoughts and wishes on how the outreach programs of museums can assist you with technology and resource needs in your classroom. The write up is below:

A Stone’s Throw Away: Bridging the Miles in Museum Education

Chair: Anne Marie Millar, Manager of Distance Learning Programs, Mariners Museum. Speakers: Pam Pettengell, Director of Outreach Education, Jamestown Yorktown Foundation; Lisa Heuvel, Associate Producer, Education Outreach, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Brian McKee, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, City of Portsmouth Schools.
Perhaps the 21st century’s motto should be “the world IS a smaller place.” The internet allows us to view global events and speak to people thousands of miles away for pennies a minute.Unfortunately for many schools and other knowledge seekers, today’s world is a much larger place, especially when it comes to the cost associated with traveling to museums. Even those only a few miles away cannot afford the cost of a single fieldtrip. This means the museum’s educational role in the 21st century is evolving. Students may not stream through our
physical doors in mass numbers, but instead, stream through our virtual doors. Join distance learning specialists to share some effective means to reach students around the block and across the world via podcasts, interactive internet video conferencing, television broadcasts, and partnerships with local media outlets, to name just a few. Using modern distance learning technology, students and other learners around the world really are only “a stone’s throw away.”

Classroom Computers
During my building sweeps I see classroom computers under utilized and these could be a great source of remediation and differentiated instruction. Orchard and (Practice Planet at JT) would be two great things to use for a learning center as you prepare for the upcoming SOL tests in May. I’m beginning to work on a resource project for second an third grade teachers for ways computers can be used often and so I’ll be approaching you for needs and ideas to make your remediation needs less stressful.

City-Wide Promethean Users Showcase
Thursday, March 19, at Wilson HS, the following teachers have been busy preparing flip charts for their showcase for school administrators and invited guests: Ms. Bice, Diddle, Allen, Barham, Braun, Lassiter, Meents, White, and Jerry (hope I didn’t leave anyone out!). Each month they have met for long hours after school at Wilson to learn new skills and tricks for using their Promethean Boards in their classrooms. Interested? Feel free to ask them when they present and what they have prepared!

6th Grade Hollywood Stars
Mrs. Allen and Mr. O’Donnell are changing their classrooms into Olive Branch Production Studios for their Social Studies classes. Using chroma key skills with Movie Maker, students will write scripts and work in groups to reenact times in U.S. History and produce “You Were There” style newscasts with the “live” event taking place in the background. Maybe they can invite us to their premiere?

Have you seen anything happening lately that you’d like to share? Feel free to add comments (click “comments” link above on the right)