About Brian

TOTALLY useless information:
–>my wife and I met each other in second grade
–>David McCullough is my favorite author
–>I want a Jeep Wrangler with a 5′ lift, 32″ wheels with chrome hubcaps, and it can’t be the four door kind
–>I taught for 20 years before becoming a TRT
–>My dream is to be able to do flips off the diving board (I’m as limber as a tree)
–>Someday the Cincinnati Bengals will rise again (I’ve been waiting since the Super Bowl of 1981)
–>I’m proud of my daughters: one lives in China and the other at a local hospital laboratory.
–>Favorite shows: Amazing Race (CBS) & Chuck (NBC) [now gone 🙁 ]
–>Put Papa John’s Pizza in front of me and I go weak (and New York Cheesecake ice cream, or anything my wife bakes)
–I love adventure! The only two continents left to visit (sans Antarctica) are Australia and South America
–I graduated from Virginia Tech in the summer of 2012 with a Masters in Instructional Technology.

6 thoughts on “About Brian

  1. Hi Brian,
    Let’s talk soon about the differientiated instruction article idea my husband and I want to pursue- sorry you are having trouble reaching me. I am available to chat this afternoon between 2-3 pm.

  2. I am looking for the Wolfram Alpha workshop notes and Prezi. Have you posted it yet? I could not find it.

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