What Is Going On at CES and JTY?

Recent events and news occuring at our schools:
Mrs. Connell took her class on an “archaeology dig” to Colonial Williamsburg. Using Ignite/ION to begin the lesson, students were able to review key terms, and afterwards, Mr. McKee shared information from his own digs at CW before students embarked on their own “dig” in the classroom. After the activity, students presented their theories about what they thought items were that they dug up.

Mrs. Daniels recently made a Kidspiration template for students to use during their computer lab time

Ms. Laughlin is working on Main Idea interactive activities in the computer lab and is preparing to web using Inspiration

Mrs. White had students import pictures of themselves into Paint, cut out digitally parts of imported pictures and insert their own faces on to the space to create new “creatures” to help discuss classroom rules. I have even had feedback from teachers in other buildings who have commented that they want to do this activity in their own lessons!

Mrs. Baum recently had students make sensory word posters using Big Huge Labs. They also made synonym posters in Microsoft Word to make words come “alive” and increase their vocabulary awareness.

Mrs. Cash is preparing to use Thinkfinity interactives in her unit on cells.

First grade teachers at CES are preparing to use laptops with their students on a regular basis.

Mrs. Barrett is having a Past and Present cookout with her students on Friday. They will use measuring cups and recipes to prepare fried apples over an open campfire and compare past cooking (campfire) and present (camping stove). Students will take pictures with Hamilton Cameras of the day’s activities and parents who are attending.

Mrs. Serafine, Crist, and Patgorski are reporting exciting things about advanced Inspire training at Tech Tuesday.

Mrs. Patgorski and Sanford are STOKED about the Quia training that they are receiving at Tech Tuesday and are already using it regularly in their classrooms.

Mrs. Jernigan has jumped on the Inspiration bandwagon and is asking how to make containers and restrictors on her flipcharts!

Mrs. Kirk was the first one to jump on board and has begun working on her professional development Menu!

15 teachers at CES have already expressed interest in attending morning Promethean Users Group meetings (could it be the food? Nooooooooooo….)

The 4th and 6th grade teams at CES are preparing for an Archaeology Dig and Colonial Fair to be held this Spring. We’ll be making videos of the day as well as Voicethreads/podcasts.

Mrs. McCullough is excited after her Data Projector training as she prepares to use it for her Social Studies classes.

Mrs. Rhodes is smiling now when she mentions technology! You’re our poster child! 

Mrs. Lyman used her Promethean Board with Mr. McKee and Mrs. Sherrill on the first day it was up, and students learned so quickly how to maneuver through the Menubar that all three teachers were able to step back!

Mrs. Butera is enjoying her document camera cart very much!

Mrs. Sirna is working on a Voicethreads project

Mrs. Hudgins missed her MCPS room so much that she went on a hunt for another data projector and loves having one back

Mr. Shenk is incorporating technology in his PE lessons on a regular basis with a data projector cart and digital equipment to track exercise and time activities.

Ms. Campbell reports that her MCPS room is great for helping incorporate technology into her music lessons as she teaches guitar and other instruments.

Mrs. Woody worked with all first grade classes and took them on Geometry Scavenger Hunts in the building, shooting geometry pictures wherever shapes were found that they were studying

Mrs. Jordan is working with a group of fifth graders on Math picture collages with pictures taken around the building

Mrs. Blanford is using her ActivSlate and Document Camera with great glee in the Reading Lab!

Mrs. Ruben reports that she is passing her wireless keyboard around during lessons for students to use during the lessons

14 JTY teachers will be attending Breakfast with your TRT on 11/7 in room 108 to learn about Promethean tricks and Promethean Planet

Mr. Nonnemacher shared a home video and pictures of a hail storm with his flip chart for 4th grade’s study of storms

If I missed something, feel free to share by adding a comment and letting us all know!

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