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Making Text “POP”

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I had a request to help make text in presentations pop out, and found this cool site (FREE!!!!!!) CoolText:Graphics Generator which does a great job in helping you prepare. Pick the style you want, type in your text, save as a .jpg, and import into your media. It’s as simple as that! Imagine putting these […]

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In 1969, in order to save the Niagra Falls from eventually running dry, the Army Corps of Engineers constructed a dam to divert the river to the Canadian side of the falls so that rocks could be removed from the base of the falls. The story is fascinating, as are the pictures. For more reading, […]

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Many thanks to my illustrious colleague, Kristy, for pointing out this Wiki, Cooltoolsforschools, which has links to multiple Web 2.0 sites. Topics include: • Presentation tools • Collaborative tools • Research tools • Video tools • Slideshow tools • Audio tools • Image tools • Drawing tools • Writing tools • Music tools • Organizing […]

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The Eagle Cam is Back!

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The Eagle Cam has been moved to a new location (new nest) at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, and you can watch the progress on the slide show at WVEC, or watch the web cam for live views. Check this blog for SOL ideas about nesting (blocked at school) (beneath the picture below): www.dgif.virginia.gov/eaglecam

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As I sat down and stared at my test yesterday, the usual symptoms occurred: • Tight chest • Head felt light • Tight stomach • Waves of doubt • A blank mind I read the chapter five times, took notes, rewrote the notes, typed the notes, took practice tests, and sundry other things to prepare. […]

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Weather: Turn Boiling Water to Snow

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Did you see this recently on YouTube? This is something great to show your students that will make Science come ALIVE: Want an explanation? CNN tells how: Turn Boiling Water to Snow

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Web 2.0 applications and sites have plenty of great things for classroom teachers, but at times do you wish you could get some help on how to use the program(s)? Would you like to have an easy-to-use site where they’re separated by categories? Sherri Miller, neighboring ITRT in Gloucester County, and soon-to-be Virginia Tech graduate […]

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Friday Funny

Posted by: | January 14, 2011 | No Comment |

Got this in an email and thought it was funny (credit in lower right hand corner):

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Kennedy Archives go Digital

Posted by: | January 14, 2011 | No Comment |

CNN writes that, “To help mark the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, the United States’ largest online digitized presidential archives were unveiled Thursday.” Read more of JFK Library goes Digital by Lindy Royce-Bartlett and access the JFK Library here to see the collection.

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Teaching About Weather: Flash Floods

Posted by: | January 12, 2011 | No Comment |

Our Australian friends have been suffering tremendously with the recent floods — the video below shows the devastation that they can cause. What is distinctive about this particular video is how FAST the water rises and how vicious a fast current can be:

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