Web 2.0 Cool Stuff #2: Augmented Reality–>a Definite “WOW!” Factor

zooburstImagine your reading or science lessons going into the 3D world with your students’ eyes popping open wide during a lesson, and they’re EXCITED to be learning!

In a nutshell, if you’ve never heard of augmented reality (note the word is hyperlinked for you to go to a “how it works” site), one needs a web cam, a printer, and a site that supports the service. For example, ZooBurst is such a site that has pop-up books that you can read. Attach your web cam, print the corresponding sheet, hold it in front of the camera, and you have a 3D book to show your class.

An example of what it LOOKS like:

Want to read more?
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and from Slide Share:

Interested? Mrs. C @ JTY and I are already thinking of some great units that we can do with this for Reading!