Bring on the Learning Revolution

Ever feel all alone in a learning jungle?

End-of-the-year paper work looms over teachers like a vulture, seeking to devour any vestiges of free time. As the clock turns in to an enemy and the hour hand speeds out of control around its circular course (“What? Two hours have gone by already and this is all I’ve been able to finish?!?!????”), it’s time to step back and remember to charge our batteries so that we do not fizzle and sputter out. Do you have a personal learning network (PLN)? Do you subscribe to blogs to touch base with educators around the country? Many ideas can be shared (that’s where I was able to get the idea for the COW sign up!) and realizing that there are other like minded people can buoy your spirits.

At this time, the reader may be saying, “Where is he going with this?”

TEACH Academy is quickly approaching and I will be leading a day long workshop on bringing technology into differentiated instruction. The class is quickly filling up and room is still left for you! The day will be spent on ideas on how to integrate non linear concepts with instruction and ideas that will capture learners’ attention, which, in turn, will help test scores skyrocket. I have an RSS feed to Langwitches, and she has posted a 17 minute lecture from TED that hits exactly on what I referred to above. And so, in this time of high stress paper work, take some time to sit back and reflect on what we do as teachers.

Want a whole day of a high powered, high interest, like-minded people? Sign up* for the class as well as others that are offered!

*Portsmouth employees only

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