Interactive Whiteboards: Not Just Expensive Projection Screens

scream-paintingIt’s a Saturday and I’ve been tethered to this laptop ALL day working on grad school assignments. My foot is tapping from hyperactivity: the devil on one shoulder is causing the mind to wander outside, wanting to have some fun and mirth, but the angel on the other shoulder is pulling me back to Dick & Carey’s model for the Graphic Design for Instruction class final project. I feel like the character in the Scream painting! That makes me wonder what we would feel like if students and teachers could change places–do they feel like this by the middle of the day, sitting in their seats pushing pencils and listening and listening and listening? After eight hours of looking at this screen, I want to go running down the street with my hands flailing in the air. In fact, I understand why some become discipline problems–BOREDOM!

One way we can help students is to get them more involved at the Promethean Boards! Instead of making them glorified electronic black boards, make them interactive and student centered. Langwitches recently gave a link for an interactive white board site worth visiting. Also, don’t forget that as you prepare for the SOL tests, you can take Smartboard lessons and import them into ActivInspire.

There are the ActivExpressions and ActiVotes which can increase student participation. Just recently I was in Ms. Barham’s room and student participation increased exponentially when she had students use the Expressions to answer questions for a Math review (yes–students can even enter fractions!). Promethean Planet has a plethora of flip charts that can be downloaded from using an SOL search. There are plenty of resource packs that can be downloaded to your laptop which will help for your reviews (games, charts, diagrams, graphics, and resources galore!).

Intrigued? Curious! I can send information up to your room, email, stop by to see you, demonstrate–let me know.

Well, that gave a little break from school work. What else can I do to delay the inevitable?

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