How Does Technology Influence Student Learning?

As my eyeballs are cross eyed from mind numbing work, my fingers ache (type five minutes, wait five, type five, ad infinitum), and my eyes wander outside wanting to goof off, I took a break from typing to contemplate my thesis project. I was contemplating how schools across from Virginia are getting rid of ITRT’s and the impact that we make on test scores, I came across this article from ISTE’s magazine:

Evidence is mounting to support technology advocates’ claims that 21st-century information and communication tools as well as more traditional computer-assisted instructional applications can positively influence student learning processes and outcomes. The Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology (CARET) has gathered compelling research and evaluation findings to answer frequently asked questions about how technology influences student achievement and academic performance in relation to three primary curricular goals..:

To finish reading the article, click here.

In the words of the famous Christmas poem, “Yes, Virginia, there are ITRT’s making a difference.”

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