Free Pictures for Projects

JeepNeed pictures for a student project, your blog, or other photographic needs? Sprixi is a site to visit and see if it meets your needs. I tried it out by searching for Jeep (what else?) and found many pictures that I could use. I would not let students use this, though, for no filters are in place.

As their webpage says:

Sprixi helps you find an image:
for a school assignment,
for a work presentation,
for a blog post,
for an instant message,
for a tweet.

Search easy!

We arrange images into topics and order images by usefulness.
Sprixi learns and improves every time someone uses it…Sprixi gathers images from quality sites around the web and brings them together. Currently we get images Flickr and OpenClipArt, as well as our own images.

Use immediately
Images on Sprixi generally have liberal licences such as Creative Commons or are in the public domain. You don’t have to buy anything.

You can choose from multiple sizes with one click.
We make it simple to download or link to the image. Sprixi can even generate HTML code for your blog.

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