Want Some Great Ideas for Technology Integration for Your Class?

In TRT language, the name Tiny Coffey causes eyebrows to rise, for she is known as a Guru of Great Things as an ITRT (TRT in Portsmouth language). In fact, a colleague told me once, “She commented about you? Wow! You’ve reached big time!”

She has some great posts about recent projects that will give you ideas for things that we can do. Two of our initiatives, VoiceThreads and Blogging, are sampled:

Batty Facts VoiceThread

Blogging, 5th Graders

Global collaboration project: O.R.E.O

and a project worth considering (I can check out ten GPS units):


Take a look–what do you think of trying such projects?

One thought on “Want Some Great Ideas for Technology Integration for Your Class?

  1. Wow, Brian…I’m flattered! Thank you for the kind compliment, but really, I just have a super team and a great network….one that you are a part of! I’ve been reading your blog and getting ideas from it for a few years now. 🙂

    You know, if you have any teachers who would like to do some cross district voicethreads with us, or who would like to be blogging pen pals, I’m sure I could round up some teachers. That would be so much fun!! 🙂

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