Dare to Dream with Your Students: How About a Travel Blog/Wiki?

Big Ben at Midnight“Quick! We’ve got to go–now!” The urgency of her voice said there was no time to waste. We grabbed our things and ran out of the McDonald’s as it was closing for the night.

My friends and I had just taken the Chunnel Train (EuroStar) from Paris to London, and after living on a backpacker’s style budget while there, McDonald’s seemed like the Fat Canary in Williamsburg. The body was tired, but the adventure moved the adreneline to action. Jumping on the Underground, we set forth to an unknown destination picked by our host/friend.

“Run!” she said. We rocketed out of the Underground and headed for the stairs to exit the subway. As we roared around the corner, the station was closing and gates were going up, and our host pleaded our case for them to let us out. As I started up the stairs to the outside, having no idea where I was (we had been up since 5 a.m.), I heard a deep, low, resounding “Bong! Bong!” There, at the top of the stairs, was Big Ben ringing midnight. We all stood at the base, amazed. Looking around, our host had a grin that said, “Always trust me when I say run!” Another adventure to add to the journal! Intrigued? How about experiencing a traffic jam, quite unlike Tidewater’s?Traffic Jam I worked in the mountains of China in a small town, and on my way to explore caves one afternoon after work, there was a tie up. top of the worldWant to know what the top of the world, the Arctic Ocean, looks like? I took this on the way to Beijing. Or, ever wonder what it’s like CLIMBING the Great Wall? Note that you’re looking at a VERY steep incline:
note the hard climb

Intrigued? I wanted to whet your appetite, for I found a great blogging site from Discovery of students/classes who are taking trips around the world to such places as Australia, China, and the Arctic. Complete with pictures and posts, students share their adventures and travels. Even though we’re not privileged enough to take our students on adventures, imagine if you could read blogs, or better yet, collaborate with classes around the world? Tie this in with geography, Social Studies, or what-have-you, it would give your students a chance to dream and have a goal to have! Even one of our own, Mrs. Pennington, had a blog from her travels to Poland this summer! After exploring the Discovery blogs, if you’re interested, let me know. I’ll be happy to do some footwork and research and see what and who I can find to start a collaboration project with. Dream BIG!parisIMG_0988

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