Technology Discoveries: Fun Sites to Visit for Technology Integration

What recent discoveries have been found in the Blogosphere, Internet, and other areas of Web 2.0?

Personalized Desktops: Photovisi ‘s website allows you to upload your own personalized pictures to make a collage on your desktop. Sizes and styles vary from small to large numbers of pictures.

Fotonea is another desktop collage maker allowing you to upload your own photos. Pictures are limited to 2MB and can be arranged artistically by yourself.

Have you sat through an excrutiatingly B-O-R-I-N-G presentation? Did the presenter stand and read to you? We all have our war stories. Will Death by Powerpoint Soon be a Thing of the Past? on the National Staff Development Council blog addresses this along with suggestions for a lively presentation.

“We’ll do the fun stuff after testing is over,” something that all teachers say because of high stakes testing, will be here sooner than you know. In the TechTeacher blog, Great Royalty Free Music for Movie Projects (Silent Films?), resources and links are given for making silent movies with your students along with royalty free music.

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