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Take a moment to experience what it looks like to be on Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve with the IPIX experience: ==>Times Square OTHER SEASONAL SITES TO SEE: ==>Rockefeller Center ==>Christmas around the world ==>Bethlehem Birth Church ==>Christmas Lights 2007

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Resolutions for a Technology New Year

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Resolutions, which mean one wants to stop doing something that keeps being repeated, or starting a new habit that one wishes they would begin but aren’t brave enough to do so, are often laughed but not usually followed through. Your TRT has compiled a list to reflect on, and I’ve numbered them starting with areas […]

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Got Bulletin Boards?

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I was looking at the hallway outside my office door and thought, “This place needs some PIZAZZ!” Nearby was a tired, wimpy, old, blah, worn out bulletin board—about as exciting as old dishwater. The principal of the building gave me permission to put one up, and I suddenly realized, after everything was torn down, “What […]

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Digital cameras are a great way to extend your instruction and permit students to create projects that prove their understanding of concepts taught in the classroom. On January 30 at Olive Branch we’ll be having workshops showing how to integrate technology ideas in your lessons using digital cameras. The JT art teacher recently sat down […]

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The morning bell rings, kids are all nestled in their desks ready for learning, you close your door, turn around to face your class, and all of a sudden, do you feel alone? Have you ever said, “Oh, if I could only have some help?” Do you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the […]

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A Technology Website Potluck

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Here are some sites that I’ve found from reading technology integration blogs which look useful for your classrooms: Freestock photos at Freerange.com: Need a picture for a project/PPT/other instructional need? Use of their pictures is pretty wide open with a few exceptions. You can read the license restrictions here : http://www.freerangestock.com/licensing.php Glogster: Mix graphics, photos, […]

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World Maps Like You’ve Never Seen

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Are you looking for maps that show total population, or other such statistical information? Instead of just having to refer to a chart (boorrriinnngggg), this can give you an immediate “snapshot” for the information you seek. The site is Worldmapper.org, and quoting from their homepage: Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are […]

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Christmas Season Ideas/Lesson Plans

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Need some quick resources/ideas for Christmas lesson plans? The Lesson Plans Page The Teacher’s Corner Teachnology Kent ICT (England) Printables (December holidays) from A to Z Teacher Stuff Hanukkah and… Education World

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Should Schools Change?

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Short note: If students had to summarize in one sentence their schooling experience today, they’d probably say, “Pass the SOL test.” How can schools change beyond just preparing students to pass the test? This is an interesting video from TeacherTube about 21st century learning–food for thought: Learn to Change (I haven’t figured out yet how […]

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Want to Know About Your Family?

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Once in awhile interesting sites come up that I like to share that have nothing to do with integrating technology in the classroom, and this is one of those: http://www.publicprofiler.org/worldnames/ If you are interested in finding out where the biggest concentrations of your family’s surname are in the world, type your name in the search […]

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