Cool Ideas for Your MCPS (Data Projector) Cart

If you have a data projector in your room or an MCPS cart, you can do many more things beyond using it as a glorified movie projector. True integration of technology goes beyond just showing United Streaming videos or using nothing but PowerPoints with your lessons. My younger daughter said, when she was was in high school, that students would moan when the teacher would power up the data projector, for they knew it was POWERPOINT TIME! Nothing would be done except for a mere reading of every slide–it was nothing more than transferring the textbook to the screen.

Silvia, on her blog Langwitches, has posted on her blog about drawing from each others experiences on how to better use your data projector. Want to know 50 ways to use your data projector? Here are some ideas from her site (the rest are listed here). Thanks, Silvia!

Demonstrate math manipulatives
Show visuals for science experiments
Modeling of the physical process of writing – hand movements
Art: Virtual Museum Tours
Audio visual resources from internet
Whole class participate in practice test
Going over tests
Isolate new vocabulary
Show and Tell
Current Events

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  1. Thank you, Brian! Being Power Pointless is something we all need to consider. More interesting ways to integrate technology into daily instruction is a welcome thing.

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