I.S.T.E.’s Top Ten EduBlogs for October 2008

I.S.T.E. announces their top ten blogs for October 2008:

1) Weblogg-ed Learning with the read/write web
2) Teach42 : Education and Technology by Steve Dembo.
3) Tom March: Bright Ideas for Education
4) Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins
5) The Story of My “Second Life.”
6) The Boo-Skunk Blog
7) Practical Theory: A View from the Classroom
(8) Chalkdust 101
9) The Connected Classroom: committed to creating constructivist learning experiences for students
10) The Intrepid Teacher: networking with other 21st Century teachers

2 thoughts on “I.S.T.E.’s Top Ten EduBlogs for October 2008

  1. Big fan of Boo-Skunk and Weblogg-ed. Been looking for a blog about the new trend of interactive white boards in the classroom. A top edutech post would be fantastic.

    Our school has a mix of SMART boards and Activboards, looking for IWB software that works on all boards. Heard that Promethean may be developing such software.

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