My Perfect ITRT/TRT World

I looked over the shoulder of my colleague and heard her whimper, “No one ever responds to my blog/library Ning!” and she then looked at us (TRTs) with those sad puppy dog eyes. Even Tammy Worcester has talked about this same phenomenon. That got me to thinking, “What is a ITRT’s/TRT’s Perfect World? Here’s my Top Ten List:

(10) I hear laughing in the midst of stress (laughter makes the worst of stress go lower!). Thanks Dr. Stuckwisch for the guest speaker today!

(9) “I explored [name program] and found the coolest thing!” Thanks Mrs. Collins!

(8) “Put me in your calendar for [specific time] so we can plan a tech. integration unit for [SOL #].” It’s so neat when I hear this; so much better than, “Come on out anytime you want to.” Grrrr! Thanks, Ms. Brewster, S. Webb, Hawkins, Ruben, Diddle, Moulton, Bradshaw, JT Third grade team, and Mr. Haugen!

(7) I have an ongoing conversation going (translation: comments) on this blog. Read Tammy’s post here. Thanks Mrs. Barth, Froehlich, Meents, and Mr. Fisher!!!

(6) I have more requests to assist in classrooms/planning sessions than I have time. This really is something that puts a TRT on a “high!”

(5) The Gradebook Missing Grades Report is empty.

(4) Being psyched and “pumped” from teaching that day.

(3) I have a teacher that faces their fear of technology head-on and doesn’t give up. Thanks, Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Collins (and the 2nd grade team for tackling Gradebook!)

(2) I meet someone who meets overwhelming stress with a smile and upbeat spirit. Thanks, Mrs. Westbrook, for always being an encourager!

(1) …When I hear a teacher say, “Wow! Look how much I’ve learned!” Thanks, Mrs. Hawkins, Patgorski, and Miss Webb!

Do you want to make my day? The first teacher from JT and OB who has not responded to my blog before, or for a very long time, and responds to a post gets a free lunch from me.

8 thoughts on “My Perfect ITRT/TRT World

  1. Mr. McKee, you were awesome today in my class working on Simple Machines. I’m glad we were able to sit down and plan a time for you to come and work with my kids and me. I hope we can do that again soon for the next 9 weeks when it’s time to study life cycles and habitats. Power Point here we come!

  2. As always you know how much I admire and respect you. You always help me whenever I ask and have a encouraging spirit! Kudos again for showing my student teacher what true “team teaching” is all about!

  3. Thanks for the gradebook help today. I am looking forward to completing my first report card.

  4. I am looking forward to our project in December. I think it will be fantastic! Thanks for all you do for all of us! See you on Tuesday.

  5. Brian,
    My students and I are pumped. Every day they come in wanting to know when the video will be made. Together, we will have fun making a difference.

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