Spell Checkers Can Change Words to Ones You Do NOT Want

Don’t always trust your spell checker. It can change the meaning of your emails very, very much. To whit:

Last week I was writing our district’s network administrator concerned about some spam that I saw in my email box. In order to make sure the IP was blocked, I wrote him complaining about all the spams that were coming in. Since I was in a rush, I didn’t pay attention to the all the little squiggly red lines that I was checking–I was talking and checking at the same time.
Be careful when you hit the “change” button. For you see, what went to him, instead of “I’m getting a lot of spams” turned out to be “I’m getting a lot of spasms.” He was quite worried about my health.

It gets worse.

My supervisor was sending us (the Technology Resource Teachers, or the TRTs) an email. Being the fun-loving person that she is, she will lessen the stress by writing things such as, “Hi gang,” “Hi kids,” etc. For this one particular email, she meant to write “Hi TRTs!” However, as stated in the aforementioned paragraph, be careful with the “change” button. Instead of writing, “Hi TRTs,” it instead came out as, “Hi, TARTS!”

But don’t blame everything on the spell checker. Sometimes it’s user error.

My pastor one time sent out a big email to the parishoners and MEANT to write, “Hello from Pastor Kenny.” When one types fast, some letters can be left off. This is where he was horrified after hitting the send button, for he realized too late that he left the last “o” off in hello. Imagine what everyone thought when they got THAT email!

Remember to keep smiling! Has something like this happened to you?