And Your Job is What? Instructional Technology

I need to be writing a paper. I need to focus. I want to be in my chair in the living room, fast asleep, enjoying the cool breeze through the window and the sounds of the crickets outside. I’m doing none of these. I need MOTIVATION! Both my daughters are working on their Bachelor’s, so dad needs to set an example. I am pumped, though, for one of our readings for The Paper To Write actually caused a rush of oxygen to the brain and a cognitive awakening. Ah, Paula, you’ve made my evening!

Paula Christopher, in her “What is Instructional Technology? — a personal reflection” paper, writes a quote that made me high-five the air:

What is an instructional technologist? It is someone who enjoys learning; understands learning theory; communicates well; is flexible; can see the “big picture;” has an inquiring mind; has developed good problem-solving and analytical skills; can manage people, time and money; is well-versed in learning delivery techniques; has a technical knowledge of the inner workings of acomputer; and above all is creative — in short — Superman and Wonderwoman. Besides leaping tall buildings with a single bound, what does an instructional technologist do? Anything and everything.”

For my fellow ITRTs out there, three cheers!

For further reading, Paula’s paper is here: christopherwhatisit

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