Don’t Forget to Visit This Site of Free Samples

This is a great site for getting free samples of up-to-date and current materials (holidays, brain teasers, ad infinitum), and samples from books that I’ve seen many teachers use. When I was a classroom teacher, Teacher Created Materials was a site that I often referred to even before ordering books.

Free monthly resources:

Make YouTube a “Theatre” Experience

I’m an audiophile. My former neighbor, also a Brian, had my same affliction. We’d say things like, “Wow! Did you hear that surround sound, dude?!?” Meanwhile, our wives would roll their eyes, sigh, and give those “BOYS!” look. Experience that same “wow” feel with a trick to use with YouTube URL’s.

Anytime that I have bought new sound systems, I always take a harpsichord CD and a pipe organ CD with me to play. When you put the harpsichord CD in, you can tell the high range quality of the speakers by if you “feel” the strings being plucked, and if you put in a pipe organ CD, you can test the woofer capabilities by listening to the 32′ stops of a pipe organ (the pedal/bass).

To make YouTube “come alive,” there’s a little secret. Type in &fmt=18 after the URL link (why those number/letters, I have NO clue), and you’ll tell a difference. Try it here:
“Trumpet Voluntary” on the Grand Calvary Organ, Charlotte, NC:
==>No stereo:
==>Stereo added with &fmt=18:

Handel’s Harp Concerto in B flat:
No stereo:
==>Stereo added: