What Are You Here For, Mr. TRT?

As a masters student in the ITMA program at V.Tech., I am spending a lot of my time working on this, and the opportunity for professional growth and training is quite rewarding and enriching. If you are wondering where I’m headed with this, I thought of two recent comments directed my way that ties in with an assignment due next week.

“I don’t know what to ask you,” and “I don’t know how your presence in the room can affect SOL scores.”

Feedback is always good and cause for regrouping. When I was writing today and reviewed TRT (Technology Resource Teacher) requirements, I thought, “A ha! A good way to answer these questions!” From the VDOE:

–“Effective support that focuses on curriculum and technology integration is the primary goal of technology support staffing. The challenge is to provide adequate training and support to bring teachers at every point…from technophobia to technomania…”
–“The [TRT] is a valuable asset in creating, implementing, and directing a global vision for integrating technology into the schools.”
–“The TRT is specified as a teacher…”
–“…are available throughout the school day for planning and implementation of integration activities…”
–“…are intended to serve as resources to classroom teachers…”
–“Their primary purpose is to train teachers to use technology in an effective manner…”
–“…actively engaged in curriculum development and lesson planning. They use their credibility as a classroom teacher and their knowledge of teaching strategies to help design lessons and plan projects with the teachers.”

Voila! For more reading, the pdf form of the paper is here: itrthandbook

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