Raising the Bar with Educational Technology Blogs

ISTE globeI am sitting in my “bunker,” AKA my office, and am planning, thinking, and strategizing for next school year. The impetus for my train of thought is that my morning started with two opposing comments from staff members today: “We’re not sure what questions to ask you,” (sad!) to a comment from another teacher who is already planning for what we can do in classrooms next year (good).

Now, how can I convince teachers to step over into the 21st century? And, how can I stay on top of the latest trends?

I try to keep on top of latest trends in educational technology by reading top notch blogs. There are the usual to-go-to blogs, such as Cool Cat Teacher, Will Richardson, David Warlick, and Kathy Schrock’s, but there are others out there that we can easily overlook.

ISTE has just posted the top ten technology education blogs for June 2008:

==>Speed of Creativity
==>Technology strengthens, deepens, and broadens our learning...Bill Mackenty
==>The Daily Grind
Musings and Mutterings from a Primary Head Teacher
==>The Shifted Librarian: Sharing libraries at the speed of byte
==>Blog of Proximal Development: teaching.blogging.learning
==>Metonia: 4 eyed technologist
==>Left Lane Ends
when the road narrows … we begin to think
==>Cogdogblog: Alan Levine’s place to talk about instructional technology
==>Gordon’s Ramblings
The random thoughts and reflections of someone involved in education in Scotland
==>Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom:
Joe Dale offers practical tips and advice on using ICT to enhance the teaching of modern foreign languages

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  1. Hi Brian, thanks for posting this– I hadn’t heard about this announcement from ISTE. I’m honored. Did you get this link from the ISTE RSS feed? I was looking for a link to the posting on the ISTE website and wasn’t able to find it.

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