21st Century Hits Olive Branch Fifth Graders

blog classroomI am presently sitting in the classroom of Mrs. Daniels and the only sound I can hear, minus the water cooler humming outside the door, is the light tapping of keys of 30-some students as they type on their blogs. For you see, Mrs. Daniels is home recovering from surgery, and instead of a myriad of worksheets and other sundry busy work, students are having class as usual via the Internet.
Mrs. Daniels has posted (click here) her weekly writing assignment and students, instead of composing on paper, are posting on their blogs. Amazingly enough, not ONE student is struggling and not one is looking bored. Every single one is keyboarding (not pecking) and as I strolled around the room, the composing I’ve observed is quite excellent. The enthusiasm is high. I compare this to those who are wondering how to get their children to write more and to also ENJOY it. Although it is hard to leave our comfort zones, Mrs. Daniels excels in meeting the needs of her students and making it fun. Are test scores affected? Quite affected, if you consider percentages of 95% and above.
Interested? Please let me know and I’ll be happy to share her secrets for success!