A TRT’S Top Ten List of To Dos


For the past twenty years, my wife and I have taken our Christmas break to recharge our batteries and induce a self-imposed sabattical from daily stressors. Now that I’ve had time to recover, what do I want to plan to accomplish this year?

1. I WILL learn Sony’s Vegas.
2. I will encourage Nancy to enjoy learning it with me.
3. I will major the majors and minor the minors.
4. I will not worry about those things that cannot be solved by worrying.
5. I will not fret about my younger daughter graduating this year from high school.
6. I will coteach in a second grade classroom. All other grades have invited me.
7. I will listen to Bill and Nate and start working out.
8. I will stay calm as I think of presenting at VSTE in February.
9. I will probably break #4 as I panic thinking that I will have TWO daughters in college at THE SAME TIME.
10. I will think of something good for number ten!

What new thing will you do with technology this year?

One thought on “A TRT’S Top Ten List of To Dos

  1. I will complete my curriculum mapping for grade 1 and start on the rest. Well maybe not. But I will strive to maintain my new blog AND master del.icio.us and google reader and google docs and twitter!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

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