Atomic Learning: Your Own Personal Technology Tutor

atomic-learning-logo.jpg“Can’t remember how to add hyperlinks to PowerPoint? How do I get animation in my PowerPoints? How can I put a border around my Word document?” Do you wish you could have your personal technology trainer at your convenience? You can with Atomic Learning. This is an online tutorial video website provided free to all PPS employees and gr. 4-12 students. I can’t give you the password here online, but can give you the password in person. Interested? Please see me for the password and examples of this powerful website. IT EVEN HAS VIDEOS FOR THE PROMETHEAN BOARDS!

CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT BLOGS, WIKIS, AND RSS MEAN? After signing on to Atomic Learning, search for “Web 2.0” to be caught up on the latest tutorials about this new phenomenon!

One thought on “Atomic Learning: Your Own Personal Technology Tutor

  1. I really like the Atomic Learning. I used it for my MSPS training last year and learned quite a few things I didn’t know how to do. At my own pace, in my own time!!!

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