Promethean Boards Are in Use!

Mrs. Hawkins with her new board!Our Assistant Principal wanted to teach too!m-white-001.jpg

Have you been able to visit any of your colleagues that are recent Promethean Board recipients? If not, please stop in their classrooms and see all the things you can do with these! I almost had to be kicked out of one room yesterday because I didn’t want to quit using it! Mr. O’Neal, Assistant Principal at Olive Branch, was so interested in learning about Mrs. Hawkin’s Promethean board that he joined in and co taught the class with Mrs. Hawkins!

Curious, or want to know more? Go to the website here: Promethean.

PROMETHEAN BOARD USERS IMPORTANT NEWS: Are you interested in signing up for an online course from Promethean? Not only will you gain skills with your new board and more recertification points, but will be discovering new ways to improve instruction! Check out their online courses at Promethean Learning.

HOW ABOUT STARTING A USERS GROUP? This would also be good for MCPS users too! We could meet, share ideas (and bring food too!), and assist each other with creative lesson plans! I’ll be contacing you to get feedback.