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All About Me Kaleidoscope- 5th/6th

Imagene Mallory, Victory Elementary Finding a beginning of the year project can be a daunting task sometimes. However, I have had great success with a particular project that I have used for years. As an art teacher, it is very hard to learn over 500 names and understand the various personalities of my students. The … Continue reading All About Me Kaleidoscope- 5th/6th

Classroom Card Games

Post by Bill Tippit When you say “card game”, one can expect to conjure images of poker players huddled around a smoky table crouched over cards with various suits and numbers printed in the traditional red and black. There is .however, a modern twist on card games that is not only very entertaining but also … Continue reading Classroom Card Games

Greetings from Douglass Park Elementary by Mandy Herrera

I just wanted to share a bit of what we have been up to. First we have a picture of a project I did with my fifth grade students.  I find it important to work with a ruler as much as possible.  I am trying to build a good foundation for student work in middle … Continue reading Greetings from Douglass Park Elementary by Mandy Herrera

Pete the Cat Visits the Art Room

Post by Laura Ragan Almost anyone these days that has a kid in elementary school can tell you about Pete the Cat. He’s a lovable little blue guy that goes around doing silly stuff and singing silly songs. A lot of the stories even take place in school! He teaches about helping the new kid, … Continue reading Pete the Cat Visits the Art Room


Posted by Bill Tippit Greetings fellow teachers and parents, Remember when we were just wee lads or lasses, there were so many toys that helped foster the creative spirit that exists in each of us. The illuminated Light Bright, the majestic Erector sets, and countless foot destroying Legos. One such toy inspired my imagination and … Continue reading Spirograph!

An invasion of mystifying monsters, foul fiends and ghastly ghouls!

Martin Burke October 2013 Just in time for Halloween, my students were tasked with not only showing me their understanding of the illusionary space creating technique of  linear perspective but also, their understanding of visual problem solving! After three days of teaching my classes the system of drawing horizon lines, adding vanishing points and having lines … Continue reading An invasion of mystifying monsters, foul fiends and ghastly ghouls!

Distributive Property Art

By Eric Baur Well it’s the end of the year and the students have been focusing on passing the SOL test. To prepare for the test the Encore team of Art, Music, Guidance, and P.E. were told to stop classes and instead go into different classrooms and work with small groups. As I began working … Continue reading Distributive Property Art

Hoping for SNOW!

Blog post by Megan Varnell       Here at Westhaven we’re all hoping for snow, so we’ve hung the hallways with all snow themed artwork.  Kindergarten collaged snowmen looking up into the sky.  With this lesson, students practiced tracing and cutting out shapes and arranging them as demonstrated.   I introduced them to the term composition, creating … Continue reading Hoping for SNOW!