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Paper Sculptures

Post by Lisa Gardner “PAPER SCULPTURES inspired by the work of Jen Stark” My Art 1 students have been working on a really fun lesson…one that is turning out to be a real crowd-pleaser. Trying to find a “fun” paper sculpture that keeps students engaged has always been a struggle for me. Thanks to Mr. … Continue reading Paper Sculptures

Pop Art Intro

By Bev Gray at Churchland Primary When we returned from the Holiday Break, I introduced our younger students to Andy Warhol & the Pop Art style of art and had them to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr tributes with their designs. The Kindergartners colored repeated images of different people being kind and respectful to one … Continue reading Pop Art Intro

News from Churchland Elementary

Post by Laura Ragan This has been an interesting year for me so far, to say the least. So many changes for me. I’m finally at my own school after teaching for 10 years! No one to collaborate (or talk) with. I’m no longer “Mrs. Mosley”, I’m “Ms. Sirna”. I’m assuming that will change when … Continue reading News from Churchland Elementary

Illuminated Letters Project

Post by Bill Tippit Each year I try to start with simple projects that review the basic elements of design with my Art Foundations students before we get into projects that require deeper understanding of the elements and principles. This year I chose to have my students create Illuminated letters. The project however had specific … Continue reading Illuminated Letters Project

I.C. Norcom students draw from life to learn about procedure and craftsmanship.

By Linnea Barth This year I decided to spend more time at the beginning of the school year and the beginning of my art I class focusing on craftsmanship and actively teaching procedure. I feel that that this was a wise investment of our class time, as I am already seeing an improvement in the … Continue reading I.C. Norcom students draw from life to learn about procedure and craftsmanship.

All About Me Kaleidoscope- 5th/6th

Imagene Mallory, Victory Elementary Finding a beginning of the year project can be a daunting task sometimes. However, I have had great success with a particular project that I have used for years. As an art teacher, it is very hard to learn over 500 names and understand the various personalities of my students. The … Continue reading All About Me Kaleidoscope- 5th/6th