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Collaborative Lesson: Bringing together French and Ceramic students in a project that addresses one major world concern.

Post by Jamie Cosumano Knowledge is everything, and as much as I want all students to become budding artists and creative people, I also want them to be thinking individuals. Truth is, I believe many of our best and brightest artists today are as such – tenacious seekers with grit and passion. As a teacher, … Continue reading Collaborative Lesson: Bringing together French and Ceramic students in a project that addresses one major world concern.

Classroom Card Games

Post by Bill Tippit When you say “card game”, one can expect to conjure images of poker players huddled around a smoky table crouched over cards with various suits and numbers printed in the traditional red and black. There is .however, a modern twist on card games that is not only very entertaining but also … Continue reading Classroom Card Games

The Art Connection

My name is Thomasina (or Ms. D!), & this is my 1st blog, not just as a PPS Art Teacher, but, well…ever! So, to introduce myself a little, I am 30 years old- despite my young & enthusiastic demeanor 😉 –I am from a small town in central Pennsylvania, am a proud pet-momma of a … Continue reading The Art Connection

My Symbols, My Story – Studying Western Art History

Jesse Boone Art 1 Foundations  at Cradock Middle School Students completed a brief study of different parts of Western Art history from Prehistoric until 1400. During that time students learned that the primary use for art was to communicate with one another.  We discussed how Prehistoric man drew on the ceilings and walls of caves, … Continue reading My Symbols, My Story – Studying Western Art History

Papel Picado – Colorful Cut Paper

By Imagene Mallory, Victory Elementary Hola amigos!  Hello friends!  This is one of the most absolute favorite projects that my 1st graders enjoy!  I always try to incorporated culture in my lessons. I tell them art is cultural because there are people all over the world that create art in many different ways.  Being that … Continue reading Papel Picado – Colorful Cut Paper

Helping out with the S.O.L. tests

By Bill Tippit The students at Churchland Middle School are learning more than just observational drawing. These students are also reviewing for their Math S.O.L. test. Mr. Tippit and Ms. Gardner teach students how to draw from direct observation as well as use depth creating techniques like overlapping, size and positioning. In addition the wooden … Continue reading Helping out with the S.O.L. tests

Invertebrate Invasion

Greetings, The lead science teacher for fifth grade at my school asked for my assistance. She wanted me to come up with a cross-curricular lesson that would blend art and science. The purpose was to aid fifth graders in understanding the differences between invertebrate and vertebrate animals. The students began the assignment by incorporating the … Continue reading Invertebrate Invasion

Urban Lettering

by Lisa Gardner One challenge most of us probably face is feeling like we don’t have enough time with our students.  For instance, this year I see my 7th grade classes every third day (once or twice a week).  Since our time is so limited, I try to bundle as many SOLs as I can … Continue reading Urban Lettering

4th Grade Colonial Weaving Project

By Julie Coughlin            The 4th graders at Simonsdale Elementary School have been studying weaving during Colonial times.  We discussed how looms are used to weave and create cloth; which then is made into clothes and other items. We looked at several different types of looms and discussed how they have … Continue reading 4th Grade Colonial Weaving Project