Eafrica Johnson: Kindergarten

My best group this year is Kindergarten. They show me love every day of the week. From exciting discussions, colored paint water and cutting paper, each lesson has been a success. Since everything is so new to them, these little guys keep me inspired! We have painted snow, drawn portraits, assembled collages and shaped clay!

My favorite lesson so far is “Picasso Guitars”. Students learned a little about Pablo Picasso and how he used “found objects” to create some of his works. They also learned to use some of the same techniques in their own work. First, students received a large sheet of paper where they scribbled a variety of lines with a black oil pastel. Second, the students traced over the shape of the guitar and then cut it out. Next, the students glued the guitar onto the large sheet of paper. After the guitar was glued down, the students glued pieces of wall paper and painted paper all “around” the guitars. Once the pieces were placed, students were to carefully put the black string on the white glue line to string the guitar. I then had the students hold up their work to show the world!! Pure success once again!! They all had beautiful guitar collages in forty-five minutes!!!

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