Amy Kerner: Color Wheel Projects

For my blog I thought I would share one of my color wheel projects that I do with my Art I students. It is a great way to link art and design with culture, math, and science. I have my students learn about origami art and create a 12 point origami ninja star color wheel. First, I introduce the color wheel, then I show students the work of renowned Japanese Origami Artist Akira Yoshizama. Link to Akira Yoshizawa Slideshow


It a great way to show that origami is considered an art form and how it has evolved over the years.  I have a movie by PBS called Between the Folds, here’s a link to the trailer , that I show segments from, that demonstrates the link between origami, math and science. One fun fact that stands out is that an origami algorithm is what was used for the standard air bag design! So I always tell the students how origami art has actually saved many lives, maybe even someone they know. Once we create the origami structure, it is a really wonderful way for the students to learn the color wheel because they have to paint it and build it one point at a time. We practice calligraphy and finish off the project by labeling the points with the correct color name, emphasizing the importance of craftsmanship/artisanship when adding lettering to artwork/design. So check out Akira Yoshizawa and try to make your own origami inspired lesson!

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