Aimee Sirna: Student Achievement Charts

In the interest of reducing referrals and boosting student performance, I have implemented Student Achievement Charts in my classroom.  This provides a positive visual record for each student.  On Fridays, I check to see which students have filled a horizontal row.  Those students get to choose two prizes. I put a check next to the row to record that the student has received their prize. When the charts are filled completely, I will send a post card to the student’s home, bragging about how terrific they are doing in my class.

Students can earn achievement stickers by being on task, participating, turning in work on time, earning good scores on projects, completing class jobs, and donating items to the classroom.  Using this system has helped me to provide more positive attention to my students and dwell less on negative behaviors that impact student learning. It has also led some students to engage in healthy competition.

Student Achievement Charts are used in addition to the school-wide PBIS initiative.  After the system is established, it does not require much attention to keep it running.  As of now, I plan to incorporate this approach next year as well.  In order for this system to work, the teacher must be consistent and set a clearly-laid plan as to how achievement and prizes will be handled.  I also emphasize that this system is not simply tied to behavior, it rewards students who are demonstrating excellence with content.

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