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Post by Marc Craig

Art… the final frontier: These are the voyages of the starship art room. It’s ongoing mission; to explore various aspects of art, to seek out new and innovative artistic expressions of creativity, to boldly go where no artist has gone before.
Yeah that’s right, I’m a fan of star trek. I grew up watching the episodes in rerun. I thought the show was great entertainment. I was told by the director of the violin program at my school about an upcoming project. Mrs. Morton was planning a spring violin concert for grades three, four, and five. She asked if the art students could create murals for the concert. The theme for the concert was outer space. What a great idea I thought. How should the students begin to work on this task?
Fourth graders began the project by studying galaxies and constellations. They concentrated on what type of balance the composition will have (formal, informal, or radial). The students used objects with circular openings of various sizes to create suns, planets, moons and asteroids.
Third graders were the next group to work on the murals. They emphasized warm and cool color relationships as well as patterns. The fifth and sixth graders finished the murals. They painted the cosmos black and used the handle of their paintbrushes to complete the work of art by creating distant star clusters.

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