Final Assessment Ideas

Post by Bill Tippit

Recently I was thinking of a way to prepare my students for their Art Foundations final exam and I wanted to try something beyond “let’s look over your notes while I tell you the same things I told you before” approach. I decided to integrate data analysis and peer grouping into my review activities to prepare students for the final assessment.students discussing depth creating techniques

First I reviewed the data from both the midterm exam and their third test to see which areas were the weakest.

Second, I set up seven “stations” around the room. Each station was focused on a different essential concept. For example, I had stations set up for linear perspective, art criticism, elements, principles, color theory, design process and depth creating techniques. These were the weakest areas based on the data collected from the tests. On each station were materials and an activity focused on reviewing each standard.
Third, I prepared a worksheet for each student to complete thus encouraging participation in the grostudnets working at color centerup project. The worksheet had 3-4 reflection questions for each section. Students were given 6 min. at each station to complete the activity and review questions.

Fourth, explain the students the goal of the activity and procedures. Patrol the class and keep time.




students discussing principles

Based on exit interviews the students preferred this type of review and based on the final exam scores (an increase of 6% over the midterm exam) peer grouping was an effective way to review year end content.

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