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As tends to be a theme for this blog, time is always an issue; and there never seems to be enough of it. Over the past year I have worked hard to try to carve out small amounts of time to do my own personal art work. One of the changes I have made in order to make that happen more often is switching to working primary in colored pencils.They are easy and quick to pull out, take with you and clean up; I find this ease helps me to work more often when I may only have 15 minutes to spare.
3-14-2016 11-33-31 AM

In working in colored pencils I have developed a new technique that I’ve been rather pleased with as well.  I have recently gotten into creating a unique surface design using watercolors, often just creating a wash in the background in the rough color scheme I intend to utilize, then going back into that design with colored pencils. This technique is evident in the image above as well as the very early stages of the drawing/painting below.

 3-14-2016 11-34-42 AM

Here is one more in progress photograph of another in this series that I have since finished, but I can not find a finished photograph of, although, I believe Diana included a finished photo of it in the art blog once.

 3-14-2016 11-35-00 AM

Recently I developed an assignment for my students based roughly on the concept of Illuminated Manuscripts. I did a version of it myself as can be seen below with the letter “L”. A friend of mine really liked my L painting, so as a housewarming gift I made a version using their last name (A for Adams) These paintings are both drawn out on watercolor paper then I used acrylic paints to create an underpainting, then went back into  it to add highlights and shadows in colored pencil.
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