Paper Sculptures

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Post by Lisa Gardner
“PAPER SCULPTURES inspired by the work of Jen Stark”
My Art 1 students have been working on a really fun lesson…one that is turning out to be a real crowd-pleaser.
Trying to find a “fun” paper sculpture that keeps students engaged has always been a struggle for me. Thanks to Mr. Tippit, I became wowed with the paper sculptures of Jen Stark. I knew the students would love her work too!
I won’t bore you with a succinct bio of Stark…you may already be familiar with her and if not, look her up!

This image shows a few of their finished works. The project on the top right is from one of my students who rarely enjoys or completes anything…he is so proud of his accomplishment (and I am too)!

One thought on “Paper Sculptures

  1. Some of the content you can make connections to include rhythm, unity, movement, color theory , relief sculpture and Op Art. Furthermore, there are mathematics content connections as well.

    Bill Tippit

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