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Hello All!!

Just here to tell you a little about the “going’s on” in my classroom. We are currently working on color, introducing color to Kindergarten, primary colors and what they do with 1st grade, secondary colors and how they are made with 2nd grade.  Students are being introduced to Pop Art. This is just an introduction to give the students insight on what Pop art is and how color was used. I am showing digital examples as visuals for students to get a variety of what was and is being produced. Students are producing different musical themed projects that use the color group discussed within their SOL. Kindergarteners are creating records using a favorite color for the label and black for the record. First graders are creating record players using the primary colors, and second graders are creating radio “Boom Boxes” in secondary colors. Each grade level has a different color group and musical component that reviews other SOL’s like line, shape, and space. Student focus is on the color group, and for me having them use their specific colors to create an interesting project that they are excited about is very rewarding. Also, continuing to reinforce and discuss the colors throughout the lesson helps the students to keep their focus on the lesson.

Anjorita Hopson
James Hurst Elementary

Here are some of the record players First grade completed.

20160128_100236 20160128_100159 20160128_100203

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