Pop Art Intro

By Bev Gray at Churchland Primary

When we returned from the Holiday Break, I introduced our younger students to Andy Warhol & the Pop Art style of art and had them to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr tributes with their designs. The Kindergartners colored repeated images of different people being kind and respectful to one another. (image top)k_3_pop art
Roy Lichenstein was the inspiration for the 3rd grade Pop Art Signs which were in tribute to Dr. King. They came up with a list from which to pull appropriate words and then got down to designing some pretty cool signs. (image bottom)

pop art_single                     MLK_template

Our 5th & 6th grade classes did group projects with oil pastels. I pulled an awesome MLK template off artyfactory.com and manipulated in Adobe Illustrator so that each student had a square in the template (8.5×11) to decorate as they wished but in a Pop Art style. They were a bit skeptical at first, but are really proud of the final product. Every class is now asking to do group projects – they’re so funny!

pop art_group

I’m happy to share the 20-page PDF template I made with anyone who would like to use it. There are only 20 squares, so I posed it to each class that anyone who wanted to create a sign instead could – luckily it worked out in each class and I’m using those “word” signs in other displays around the school.


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