Collaborative Lesson: Bringing together French and Ceramic students in a project that addresses one major world concern.

Post by Jamie Cosumano

Knowledge is everything, and as much as I want all students to become budding artists and creative people, I also want them to be thinking individuals.
Truth is, I believe many of our best and brightest artists today are as such – tenacious seekers with grit and passion.
As a teacher, I want all students to be very much aware of the triumphs and challenges that exist throughout our ever shrinking world.

So, when deciding on an annual clay project with Mr. Bemmerzouk’s French student, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when terrorists started ramping up their attacks, and Je Suis Charlie was followed by more attacks in Paris.
We needed to respond to the terror – the fear – the anger – the lies – and the negativity that rots in the belly of the terrorists.

With student enthusiasm, we developed a list of positive words: dignity, faith, lion-hearted, respect, and 160 others, – and carved these words into clay tiles of similar sizes.
1/3 were glazed blue, 1/3 were glazed white, and 1/3 were glazed red to represent the French flag.
The tiles were assembled to create the French flag in Churchland High School’s large display case.

It was amazing! During the 3 lunch periods, volunteers would man a table in front of the tile display and explain its purpose to curious students.
Students were given a sticky post-it to write their word or words of solidarity and these post-its were added to the display.
The participation of 2 classes now increased to the whole school.
In addition, each participating student received a thank you note saying, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

I am so proud of our students for creating such a beautiful and meaningful display – and I enjoyed the conversations that followed.
Students became aware – students became involved in something important – and students had fun, – and so did I.1-4-2016 2-45-41 PM

Jamie Cosumano

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