Mannequin Studies

Post by Amy Kerner

Greetings from Woodrow Wilson High School!

The school yMannequin 4ear is going great so far! As always we are keeping very busy in the art room. One project that I had my classes do this semester was to create very large mannequins drawings on 18x 24 inch black paper and then use oil pastel techniques to add color and value. I was fairly pleased with the results and the student’s loved it.  First we talked about creating an interesting composition by arranging the mannequins in different poses. Then we created viewfinders out of index cards. Then we used those viewfinders to create a view of part of the mannequin. We sketched that view in our sketchbooks and then finally went over proportion, drawing our small sketch on the large paper. To do this, I had students divide the picture plane into 4ths using erasable guidelines on the small and large paper. Proportion is a diffimannequin 2cult concept for the beginning students but overall I was really happy and many students really made some artistic strides with this. When they turned them in for grading many asked for permission to take a picture of their work because they wanted to show their family/friends and I make them keep all their art in their portfolio. It was the first time I had given this particular project, and although at first I wasn’t sure if I would do it again, the results were good enough that I might keep it in my planning arsenal.

Mannequin 1   Manniquin 3

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