News from Churchland Elementary

Post by Laura Ragan

This has been an interesting year for me so far, to say the least. So many changes for me. I’m finally at my own school after teaching for 10 years! No one to collaborate (or talk) with. I’m no longer “Mrs. Mosley”, I’m “Ms. Sirna”. I’m assuming that will change when the 1st graders go off to middle school. And a classroom of my own, no cart!!! Because of all this I feel the need to live up to my predecessor’s amazing ability to get quality artwork from our students. Here are a few of the assignments we’ve been working on:

12-17-2015 1-49-09 PM
Kindergarten learned a little about Kandinsky and concentric circles.
12-17-2015 1-49-47 PM
1st grade discovered primary and secondary colors.

12-17-2015 1-50-12 PM
2nd grade worked on an unconventional color wheel.
12-17-2015 1-50-28 PM
3rd felt out warm and cool colors in a seascape.
12-17-2015 1-50-49 PM
4th did a great job with understanding atmospheric perspective and complementary colors.
12-17-2015 1-51-05 PM
6th grade wowed me with their work based on Jasper Johns.

We’re still working on 5th grade. Since they’re at the end of the day I miss their classes most often. As soon as all the classes finish the same assignment I’ll have some images to share.

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