Field Trip to Chrysler

Friday December 4th, I was fortunate to again participate in one of my favorite activities of the year! My biannual semester field trip to an art museum! This semester, I took 49 Art I students to the Chrysler Museum of Art and had the thrill I was looking for… What is it about taking 49 students to an art museum that is thrilling you ask? I mean, there actually is a lot of work that adjoins the planning of a trip of this size! There is the hassle of getting permission slips returned…. Ordering buses and getting the funds to pay for it…. Preparing students and getting them “excited” to write a four paragraph art analysis! These are all necessary, time consuming steps so where is that “thrill” I am referring to? For me, after teaching 10 years and going on nearly approximately 15 trips, the answer is simple: I get to see the moment, the life changing moment when students might just think going to see art is COOL! I mean, I talk it up like going to a STAR WARS movie premiere! YES! We will see how some very creative artists tell a fascinating story–like a new move narrative. We will see what people took YEARS to create, at the top of their craft… Like the latest Star Wars installment! We will see what the museum deems worthy of displaying and spending time and money on to get the biggest audience reaction–just like the Hollywood premiere of…Well you get it! Yes, it was a great time and I am already looking forward to my trip in the Spring! I am going to end this blog with some of the ACTUAL quotes I heard my students say while browsing the museum… I hope it is the start of a life long relationship between them and the arts… May the “Art” be with them!

“Wow I bet that took longer than 20 mins to draw”
Students in my class are repeatedly instructed to spend at least 20 mins on a sketch in their sketchbook!

“Hey that’s the same painting we critiqued in class!”
My heart was filled with pride!

“When do we eat?”
Good grief! The force is strong in this one!

“That portrait looks 3D because of the values right?”
Again, my heart was bursting!

“You’re an art nerd Mr. Burke”
This was said after I commented that I wanted a room in my house filled with all the beautiful landscapes we were looking at!

“That statue is naked!”
We prefer the term NUDE in the art world young man!

“I snapped tons of photos!”
Good! Come back at take more!

“Thanks for bringing us here Mr. Burke”

Yes, you are very welcome! The pleasure was yours AND mine.


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