Carrying a Sketchbook

Post by Erin Griffith-Mosley

I haven’t had much time to concentrate on my own art lately. However, I have realized how much fun it is to carry around my sketchbook and sketch and doodle while waiting places instead of using my cell phone to read up on my Facebook friends or play a game. While doing this my oldest daughter, who has always loved art, has decided to bring her sketchbook along with her everywhere she goes too. Right now she just doodles but soon she will understand how to practice the skill of drawing from observation.
I really enjoy sketching things I see at restaurants. There are so many interesting subjects at the different themed restaurants such as silverware, decorations or even the food. Several years ago the art department had an in-service at a local restaurant. At first, we had a fellowship together, which is always fun. Then after eating the delicious food we sketched the empty plates, glasses, and silverware. I guess this is what encouraged me to bring my sketchbook with me. Even though these are just sketches that I don’t plan an elaborating on it is still good practice for my drawing skills.

oct 1b 2015


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