I.C. Norcom students draw from life to learn about procedure and craftsmanship.

By Linnea Barth

This10-6-2015 12-11-19 PM year I decided to spend more time at the beginning of the school year and the beginning of my art I class focusing on craftsmanship and actively teaching procedure. I feel that that this was a wise investment of our class time, as I am already seeing an improvement in the quality of the students’ first finished drawings.  One of the things I did was to talk about the daily application of craftsmanship in ways that every student understands.  I shared the two images below with them and we talked about which gift they would prefer to receive, even if they knew that they both contained the same item!

We also spent some time discussing why the kitchen island I bought two years ago at Big Lots is falling apart, while the 200 year old dresser I have from my grandmother’s house is still in perfect condition.

10-6-2015 12-13-17 PM

I think that these images and the related discussions that we had really helped the children to see the difference that proper presentation and craftsmanship can make with any work of art. 10-6-2015 12-14-18 PM

We then applied these concepts in addition to a plethora of other techniques for drawing from life to our plant drawings that you see below. I think the added time we spent discussing doing things carefully, deliberately and with purpose paid off!

10-6-2015 12-16-06 PM 10-6-2015 12-16-29 PM 10-6-2015 12-16-46 PM 10-6-2015 12-17-09 PM

10-6-2015 12-17-30 PM


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