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I’ve been really busy creating designs for everyone else for the past 17 or 18 years as a corporate graphic designer. Aside from that, as a single mom I never quite had time to stop and indulge myself in art for arts sake.

Well, I take that back, I did get to play at “Paint Night” a few months ago…everyone else did a crab, but I got a bit bored…guess which one is mine?

1_paint night

I’ve owned and operated my own design studio since 2009. The corporate work I do is mostly company-confidential and/or highly confidential. What I could share is not very entertaining.

Soooo…in the essence of keeping this light and fun, instead I thought I’d share a few photos. Please take a peek at a few of my recent favorites…


1. Bruce Munro’s Exhibition of Light at the Hermitage Museum & Gardens at Sunset, Norfolk VA. (iPhone5)

3_Indian Motor Bikes

2. Indian Motorcycle at Willie Nelson’s Ranch, Luck TX. (Samsung Galaxy S5)

4_Norfolk Zoo

3. Lazy Lion, Norfolk Zoo (Nikon D3200)

5_Sailing in Maine

4. Sailing on the Lewis R. French Schooner near Portland, ME. (iPhone5)


5. Frank Lloyd Wright portico. Florida Southern College campus, Lakeland FL. (iPhone5)

Thanks for letting me share. Hopefully next time I’ll have something “handmade” I can blog about.

… all I need is TIME : )

One thought on “Beverly Gray’s Pix

  1. Ms Gray,

    I am excited to know that you are a professional graphic designer as well as new to PPS art, welcome. At Churchland High I teach a huge unit on applied design and basic graphics. Would you be willing to guest speak?

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